A little bit more about me:


"I take real pride in challenging my previous learnings with new approaches, when I say new most of these are long told teachings that have been forgotten and overlooked. Even though advancements in science have provided a new dimension, and I constantly keep learning about latest science updates, I also believe there is so much to learn from very simple body and mind strategies that have been tested over hundreds of years."

Fit is not a destination, it is a way of life.

My studies:


Slovak Medical University

✔︎ BSc degree in Physiotherapy - 2008-2011


Fitness Industry Education

✔︎ Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training - 2013


Body Transformation Academy

✔︎ Body Transformation Coach Certificate - 2016


Winning Health Solutions

3 part workshop series:

✔︎ In session skills - 2016

✔︎ 20 Protocols for Body Transformation - 2017

✔︎ Body Transformation Program Design - 2017


System 5 Formula

✔︎ Deadlift blueprint workshop - 2017

✔︎  Squat blueprint workshop - 2017


Equilibrium Transformations

✔︎ Workshop: Master your environment and become superhuman - 2016

✔︎ Workshop: Discover breathing techniques to unlock optimum health - 2017


My Ongoing Learning:

Advanced Coaching Academy

Applied Nutrition • Advanced Coaching • Business Acumen

AfN Certified CIMSPA Endorsed ActiveiQ endorsed