Anna Samuel

Head of HR at Whittard of Chelsea

''Marian is not just another personal trainer - firstly he's super knowledgeable - he's extremely detail focused ensuring my form is accurate to avoid any injury or long term problems and attends many courses to stay on top of the latest developments. Secondly he's committed not just to my fitness and strength progression where he notes every exercise and continually pushes me but also my general health - he sends me articles on well being, lifestyle, sleep - his passion and enthusiasm is infectious and you can't help but adjust your lifestyle to be healthier. You want to make him proud of you. Thirdly, he's a great guy... he cares, he's passionate, he's genuine and most of all fun - whilst he takes my training sessions very seriously, we always have fun. If you're committed to prioritising your health and fitness then I have no doubt you'll succeed if you choose Marian. I highly recommend him."

Gavin Sambles

Serco ExperienceLab Director

"I've been training with Marian for almost 2 years now and the experience has been nothing but positive. As a PT, he stands out from the crowd (and it really is becoming a crowd now…).  Not only do you get his undivided attention during training sessions (something that is becoming a rarity in itself if you look at how other PT's 'engage' with their clients) but his support beyond the gym is first class.  He has a real passion for what he does and is constantly educating himself around all aspects of leading a healthy lifestyle (exercise, nutrition, mindset) which, in turn, he has shared with me.

Having trained with Marian 3 times a week for two years, I'm well placed to say the sessions never get boring, they are always challenging, they have enabled me to achieve a body transformation and have always remained fun.  I can't recommend him highly enough."


Sarah-Jane Adams

Business Development Manager at Bird and Bird

"If you want a personal trainer to just provide a workout routine Marian isn't your guy. If you want someone who is committed bringing about change in his clients – from the inside out – he IS your man.

I have trained hard for years (I am in fact a qualified PT) and I needed to reset. Reset the way I trained, reset the way I ate and the way I looked at the relationship between the two. Marian has invested so much time in getting to know me, me past and my key drivers for the future. His appetite to learn and immerse himself in up to date and innovative ways of training sets him far ahead of the rest.

I had high expectations and he has far exceeded them. I have fallen back in love with weights, I am more committed than ever to what I eat and most importantly I have gained more balance in my life.

Thank you Marian. I will forever be grateful of your support and guidance, I know it has set me on the path I sought. BIG LOVE!!!"


Rob Schulze

Managing Director, International at NRG Stagwell

“While generally active over the past few years, my work out routine had become ineffective and that paired with personal behaviour had helped to push me to close to 200 lbs. I was in need of re-focus, a new, more results oriented gym routine and a new sense of motivation in my training. Marian did a great job in jump starting my workout routine  - He helped to increase my overall level of fitness, strength and attitude.

He helps pushing me to take my training to the next level, both in terms of fitness and shape - while at the same creating a fun atmosphere that motivates me."



Lara Carmona

Associate director - Policy and Public Affairs (UK & International)

"Thanks to a really difficult 18 months of work and two serious injuries, I was in very bad shape when I met Marian. I had broken 10 years of routine, gone from being very fit to totally inactive, doubled my body fat, gained two dress sizes, lost strength and had limited physical stability. When we began training, Marian took his time to understand my history, lifestyle, goals and interests. He paid particularly close attention to my injuries. His background in physiotherapy gave me confidence that he was the right person to help me rebuild my physical health, and also to help me set new personal standards for fitness and wellbeing.

The biggest way you helped me when we began was to provide a clear for reaching my goals, with detailed training activities, instructions for mobility, exercise and a nutrition plan. You made it really clear what the level and type of contribution was that I needed to make in the process, outside of working directly with you, so I knew what else I need to do to help achieve my goals faster.

I think you’re awesome. If I could afford to have you stand over my sorry ass six days a week to make sure I am training hard enough and to make this change go faster, I would totally do it. Since I can’t, I’m pretty sure that together we’ll continue to build my confidence and permanently embed in fitness and training into my lifestyle in a way that helps me over the course of my lifetime."



Anthony Swanson

Relationship Director at Lloyds Banking Group

"Before we started I had lost motivation and considered going to the gym a chore. Needed a change and new focus. Marian provided great enthusiasm, new exercises and positivity.

He keeps changing the exercise routine to keep me fresh and shares his new learnings on nutrition, well being, fitness, breathing exercises. I'm a keen learner, earlier adopter. I respond to people with drive and energy. Need to be pushed to failure to make progress. He doesn't over promise and is realistic about my goals. I think he understands I like a lively PT as I don't always come to the gym motivated.

My biggest achievements - I am bigger, fitter and stronger and I know I am heading in the right direction."


Amandine Chaignot

Executive Chef at the Rosewood Hotel, London

“I have been training with Marian for 13 months. When I started training with him I was out of shape, chubby and very often in pain in the neck and shoulders. He designed perfect program to achieve my goals, I lost 8kg and dropped body fat by 5% in first 13 weeks. Also after couple weeks of training with Marian, my neck pain was completely gone and I developed my back muscles and improved my posture. I really like that he is always in a good mood, positive and he always makes our session very challenging and fun”



Tej Dosanjh 

Senior Investment Consultant

"I have been a client of Marian's for the past 18 months and I have found him to be an outstanding Personal trainer. If you want to be pushed to your limits, change the way you look, feel and improve your lifestyle he can help you archive your goals - what ever they may be.  He is incredibly attentive and listens to you and your body, I have never once seen him look even slightly bored - he has great focus on his clients. 

I don't always look forward to his sessions, but feel great when I finish...please feel free to contact me anytime.''



Barrister at Monckton Chambers

"When I first met Marian I wasn't very toned and fit and my arms were very flabby. He encouraged me to go to the gym 4 times per week, showed me how to eat more healthily, gave me tips on how to tone my arms and abs, showed me how to use machines I wouldn’t otherwise have known how to use alone. I really enjoy working with Marian as he is always upbeat and positive.

I really appreciate his positivity and enthusiasm. He is always in a good mood and always seem pleased to see me, which makes me feel enthusiastic for the session and look forward to them in advance. He is always attentive throughout the hour. He never seem bored or distracted and always give me full focus. Marian is really well prepared and knows what we are doing in advance, including what weights I had last time and whether we are going to increase them."



Rhory Robertson 

Barrister, Collyer Bristow LLP solicitors

"At the age of 64, with dodgy new knees, I had 3 months to get myself fit for a new venture in my life involving considerable more physical strength than I had needed over the last 30 years.. I went to see Marian who devised a fantastic plan for me. In the time we worked together we built up my strength; he was always pushing me to do a little more than I had achieved in the previous session. It worked wonders. But the best thing about Marian is that he is great to work with. We had many laughs together, even when I was cursing him when pushing the boundaries. He’s a great trainer." 


Nathan Runnicles

Chief Financial Officer at Tes Global

“I had suffered from back issues for 18 months. The pain was most acute in the mornings until ibuprofen helped ease it. I joined Gymbox looking to improve fitness and see if a new exercise such as Pilates or yoga could strengthen my core to help my back pain.

Instead of classes I started working out with Marian who focused my routine on the back muscles along with a range of other core and strength exercises.After about 4 weeks my back started to improve and after 8 weeks I no longer had any pain. Measurements and pictures showed the routine had improved my posture and opened out my shoulders Years of sitting hunched over a computer were unwinding! I've continued to work on strength exercises with Marian and the back continues to feel great. 

I'd strongly recommend Marian to anyone looking for a improving posture and health."



Natalie Walker

Primary School Teacher

Marian is a highly professional and well educated trainer. He is extremely up to date with the current trends and research within the health and fitness industry. Marian’s knowledge, understanding and expertise is evident in every session. He is aware of your goals and is determined for you to achieve them. Marian listens and understands what I like and don’t like and caters to my priorities. Each training is varied and he has the ability to make you work hard, whilst having fun. 

Marian has absolutely made me a more confident girl within the gym. I highly recommend him and it has been a pleasure working with him.



Alan Gill


Dog Walker, Dog Gone Walkin

“Before I met Marian, I had never even stepped foot in a gym, I had a beer belly, my diet was not great and even though I thought I was relatively fit (because i cycled and walked a lot and I wasn't overweight), I was still tired a lot of the time.

I had my wedding day approaching and the main thing I wanted was to get my belly down so I could fit into my suit more comfortably. Not only did Marian help with me losing my belly fat, he has helped so much more: he got me focused on my core strength with some simple exercises that strengthened muscles that I didn't know existed, which all round make me feel stronger and more awake. He focused on my mindset with regards to everyday aspects of my life, which has helped me feel happier and more positive about everything. And, lastly, his help and knowledge with diet was amazing.

During my 4 weeks with him I lost 15lbs, and since then I continue to lose weight.”